Airbnb stays are a novel way to see a city from a locals perspective and can often be cheaper than a traditional hotel stay. Unfortunately, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. There are many differences and drawbacks when you choose an Airbnb over a serviced apartment. Here are the main ones:


Airbnb property types vary from a spare room in someone’s apartment to a luxury villa all to yourselves. However, none of these properties has a specific standard of service, safety or facilities that have to be adhered to. Unlike PREMIER SUITES standard décor across all of our properties, the décor in Airbnb can vary from ultra-modern to shabby and unused. This goes for the standards of cleaning also. Our housekeeping staff are trained to the highest level and each apartment is inspected before use. Airbnb’s leave their standards of cleaning and hygiene to each owner and we all know how individual standards can vary!

Possibly the most disturbing aspect of Airbnb is the lack of proper safety equipment and standards in individual properties. Each of our apartments is fitted with the highest standard of safety equipment and all of our staff are fire safety trained. When booking an Airbnb you cannot be certain the property has as much as a fire extinguisher


Most Airbnb’s are run by normal people, sharing their houses or apartments in order to make a bit of extra cash at the end of the month. Unfortunately for guests, this means you are often sharing your residence with the owner or other guests. You do not have the luxury of a private bathroom or full use of the kitchen to cook as you please. When you choose a PREMIER SUITES serviced apartment, you not only have a private bedroom and bathroom but a fully-equipped kitchen and a private living and dining area too.


Airbnb’s can be anywhere, you could be staying in the middle of a city or the middle of a secluded forest. This means that you could be a long way away from airports, public transport or other facilities like shops and restaurants. When you book with PREMIER SUITES, you are guaranteed a convenient, accessible location every time. PREMIER SUITES Nottingham is based in the centre of the city, five minutes from the main bus station and perfectly located for the train station for onward travel around the country.

Hidden Charges

Often the price you see is not the price you pay with Airbnb. That great bargain price you see online isn’t so great when you realise there are taxes and a service charge (per night!) on top. When you book a serviced apartment our transparent pricing system means the great value price you see is the final price at the end of your stay.

If you are considering a stay in Nottingham, always book the option with the best value, the highest standards and the best location. PREMIER SUITES Nottingham have it all! To check out our great value offers, visit our special offers page.

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