Nottingham is a rapidly growing city which is not afraid to embrace change in all its forms. With many upgrades currently happening and more in the works, we’re looking forward to our modern new city and hopefully a fresh outlook from residents and a renewed love from our visitors. The best way to gauge the changes is the number of hipster, trendy and speciality coffee shops in Nottingham which we have embraced with both hands. Here are some of the best coffee shops close to PREMIER SUITES short stay apartments in Nottingham. 

1. Outpost – 4 min walk 

If you’re searching high and low for speciality coffee in Nottingham, it doesn’t get more special than this cool little coffee shop. Outpost, complete with typical basic-chic décor, brews its own artisan roasted coffee just five minutes’ walk away in their premises on Stoney Street. They roast sustainably sourced beans and have a great selection of unusual and off-menu drinks which their experienced staff are always happy to recommend. They also sell for wholesale and have bags of beans to take home and enjoy at your leisure.

2. Wired Café – 5 min walk

If visiting a chain coffee shop like Starbucks or Café Nero is enough to turn your milk sour, you’ll love Wired Café. Describing itself as ‘fiercely Independent’, this tiny cafés mission is to make your cup of coffee the star of the show. Complete with a rustic wooden feel, the café is a great place to meet friends for the chat or get some work done, enjoying their ever-changing playlist. The coffee in Wired is delicious and served exactly to order. You can also enjoy a great selection of sweet and savoury treats; dietary restrictions are catered to in the form of gluten-free and Vegan options. 

3. Fox Café – 7 min walk 

One of our personal favourites, Fox Café is much more than a place to enjoy a hot drink. It’s a cute, cosy meeting spot for friends, couples and solo diners. The menu is large and varied, catering to veggies and vegans alike with many great options for meat-eaters too. The fox-themed décor give the place a very ‘living room’ feel and everywhere you look you’ll find pictures, decorations and fox trinkets. Their menus show a real knowledge and passion for food and the staff’s genuine friendliness will keep you coming back. It’s a great spot for a bit of Al Fresco coffee-drinking If the weather is good. 

4. Delilah Fine Foods – 7 min walk

This very popular café and deli on Victoria Street has been praised for its speciality products and excellent service from its knowledgeable team. They offer a huge choice of coffee and tea and an extensive menu where all the dishes are produced with ingredients from the deli. Their coffee comes from all across the world and all of the usual coffee-producing regions like Colombia, Nicaragua, Cuba and Brazil. They also serve a great selection of loose leaf teas and unusual soft drinks and juices so there is something for everyone.  

5. Café Sobar – 10 min walk

Recently nominated for Best Café/Coffee Shop, Café Sobar is up there with the best coffee shops Nottingham. The café has all of the essential ingredients to make up a fantastic café; a warm and welcoming atmosphere, friendly, knowledgeable staff, delicious food and most importantly, excellent coffee served exactly as you order it. Coffee is supplied by 200 Degrees, another café down by the river, and food is always served with a smile. It’s a must-visit when in the city.

There is only so much we can tell you about the delicious coffee and great atmosphere in our local cafes and coffee shops in Nottingham. The most effective way to find the best coffee is to visit for yourself. Save money by avoiding expensive hotels in the city, instead opting for flexibility, space and value in a short stay apartment in Nottingham. Contact our friendly team today for our best available rates.

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